A Participants Agreement To Take Part

Declare that participation is entirely voluntary and that the refusal or revocation does not result in any penalty or loss, now or in the future. Version 3: March 4, 2014. Changes to reflect new sponsorship agreements and name change from TERENA to G`ANT. Version 2: February 19, 2014. Changes to software licensing requirements and the addition of Section 10. Version 1: June 25, 2010. Researchers can improve the understanding of participants in the above study by making the approval process more interactive – and this is especially important when there are concerns about a potential participant`s decision-making ability. Many misunderstandings can be avoided or resolved through a simple iterative discussion process, in which researchers describe the most important information among laypersons, including, if necessary, visual aids, and then ask the potential participant to explain the essential information in their own terms, giving corrective feedback and reassessing understanding if necessary. Make a place where the participant can sign and print their name and date. If parents or guardians agree to a child, a place is also needed to print the child`s name. If you ask the participant to read something, look at it, reveal personal information, eat, taste/smell, you must inform them. You should notify participants if something you want to read or display could be offensive or explicit. Please describe the duration (approximately) of the procedure.

Potential participants must be able to give informed consent to participation! If your consent form is more than one page long, you must number the pages in the way below, with a space for the participant to start each page (so that they can be confirmed that they read each page). Example: “Page 1 of 4” for the first page of a four-page form. The participant information sheet (GIS) should be a clear and simple document on which the head paper with the university coat of arms (or equivalent for other institutions) could be easily understood by those to whom it is addressed; it should be age-appropriate, for example.B. It should be a short document; Length and design should encourage a potential participant to read it completely. The refeds steering committee oversees the implementation of the annual work plan; If it believes that there is not sufficient progress on a given (under) work point, it may decide to freeze the performance of this (under) working element until the next refEDES general semi-annual meeting, where it proposes to remove this (sub-) thing from the work plan. The refeds steering committee may propose to include a new (sub-) work point in the current year`s work plan. Such a proposal is presented with a view to a “broad consensus” for the next general semi-annual meeting refeds or, if this is not possible, the general refeds mailing list.