Free Equity Agreement Template

This agreement will help reduce the likelihood that people will misunderstand what they need to do to be shareholders, which can reduce the fears and problems associated with it. 4. Necessary measures. As soon as it has been decided, by a simple majority, that the company will be created and created, each founder grants and transfers to the company, from its inception, all its rights, title and interest in the product or service (including all rights, titles and interests in intellectual property and all applications relating thereto), including the waiver of all moral rights and the assignment of all patents, Designs, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, ideas (such as forms or not) and work and/or work products resulting from any task or work performed by the Founder in connection with the Product or Service, for the lifetime of such rights (the “Transfer”). Where a person who is not named as a founder, prior to the creation of the company, joins the founders on the basis that that person holds an equity interest in the company at the time of its creation (a “new founder”), the founders require that the new founder execute a counterpart signature page and confirmation as defined in Appendix C; so that such person binds a party by and by this agreement and will amend this agreement as appropriate….