Settlement Agreement Solicitors Bradford

We can cope with this type of high volume work and meet tight deadlines, and welcome the recommendations of other law firms that do not have this capacity. We advise clients throughout the country and can provide quick advice remotely. We have a long experience in consulting on such agreements throughout Britain. Our labour lawyers have over 40 years of combined legal experience. We are experienced and efficient negotiators and we will do our best to implement your transaction agreement within the expected time and deadline. As soon as you are satisfied with your agreement, we will tell you when you can sign it. Your legal advisor will sign a consultant certificate to confirm that they have provided you with the necessary legal advice. Your employer will also sign the agreement. Be sure to get a signed copy of your agreement for your documents. We can confirm at an early stage whether the capped contribution to attorneys` fees covers your legal fees or if your fees are likely to be higher than that amount. If the lawyer`s fees are likely to exceed the amount of your employer`s proposed contribution, we will often try to convince them to pay an increased amount. Sometimes we are also able to enter into non-win-free agreements with customers regarding their transaction agreements. Your employment relationship expires on the date of termination (unless this has not already been done) and you must ensure that you respect all the guarantees (promises) set out in your agreement.

If you want additional services, we can design a HELP package tailored to your specific needs and budget. This may include, for example, meetings, organisation of employment contracts, labour court proceedings and more.