Imagine What We Can Do Tomorrow is a solo show by Duncan Poulton which pinpoints the Millennium as a key moment in considering “How did we get here?”, inviting us to consider an alternative past in which the Y2K problem (or Millennium Bug) did cause cataclysm. If this were to have happened, would we have still sleepwalked into our hyperconnected, techno-reliant present? The immersive aluminium foil install includes all new digital collage works that have been developed around Y2K, a found footage video work made in collaboration with Nick Smith.

11 May–15 July 2023
Division of Labour, Salford
Curated by Nathaniel Pitt

Click image below to read ‘Don’t Panic‘, a short essay by Natalie D Kane published on the occasion of the exhibition.

Installation views of ‘Duncan Poulton: Imagine What We Can Do Tomorrow’ solo exhibition at Division of Labour, Salford, 2023. Photos by Rob Battersby